Personalized Grooming

502 E Main St.

Rogue River, OR

Located in Rogue River Center


Hours of Operation

Tuesday - Saturday

9:00am - 6:00pm






    We offer quality grooming for all breeds of dogs and cats. This includes breed-specific cuts to a general shave from nose to tail. Whether it is just a bath and brush out or a full grooming, we always clip and grind the nails, express the anal glands, clean the ears, and shave out the pads of their feet.

    Appointments come in throughout the morning and we give a general time of three to five hours for the grooming. Unless it is requested, we do not work the dogs straight through. We find it is less stressful on them to have a small break in between, especially older animals, and it gives us the opportunity to get started on the others that are here. If you would like your dog worked straight through, or would like to have them out by a certain time, then please let us know when you make your appointment so we can work towards that. There are only a few appointments a day that we can do this for, so please understand if we are not able to meet your request on time. While your animal is here they will always have access to water, will be taken outside to the nearby field, and will never come into contact with other animals. We do not administer any sort of medication to your pets for any reason. Please let us know if your pet has any allergies or is on a special diet so we do not give them any cookies.

    Because individual dogs can vary from their breed, and there are so many mixed breeds of dogs, it is difficult to provide a set pricing list. We have a general price range for the most common breeds that we encounter, but it is difficult to determine the actual price without first working on your pet. Please call us if you have any questions about our prices.

    Our love for animals goes beyond those of our own, so we will always take the time and make sure you are aware of anything we may find out of the ordinary while taking care of your four-legged loved ones. Though we may be able to offer some simple advise for common problems, we do not have the expertise of a veterinarian, and always recommend frequent visits to your local veterinarian to make sure your companions are in good health.


Nails and Glands

    Do you hear your dog's nails tapping on the floor, but it's not time for their grooming yet? Not a problem! You can bring your dog or cat in at any time between 10:00 and 6:00 and one of the groomers will be happy to help you. We clip and grind the nails so they are not only short, but also smooth to prevent them from scratching your skin or getting snagged on your carpet. It is $5 for a cat, $6 for a small breed dog, and $7 for a medium or large breed dog.

    Many dogs are not able to express the scent glands located on either side of the rectum on their own. If these glands are not expressed regularly they may become impacted and cause discomfort for your dog. If it is between grooms, or you do not have your dog groomed here on a regular basis, you may bring them in and we will express them for you. Signs that your dog may need to have their glands expressed include scooting across the floor or having a fish-like odor emanate from their rectum. It is $3 for any size dog.

    Although the shop is open until  6:00, the groomers leave once they are finished with their animals so you may wish to call ahead of time just to make sure there is someone here to assist you.

Bangs and Feet

    If it is not yet time for your grooming but you notice your pet is having a hard time seeing through their hair, or tripping over the hair on their feet, bring them down and we will trim them up for you. It is a walk-in basis like nails and glands and will only take a few minutes to trim them up. the price may vary depending on the dog, but it is usually only a few dollars.



    Nobody wants to deal with the unfortunate situation of losing a pet. In the event it does happen, you may increase the chances of finding your lost family member by having them micro-chipped. Please visit for more information. We offer this service for $25.


    Who doesn't like cookies? If you are in the neighborhood with your pet, feel free to stop in to say hi and we will be happy to give them a cookie. We want to provide a safe and stress-free environment for your pets, and we hope that just stopping in for a cookie from time to time will always make them happy to see us.